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BEST SECRET SAUCE Phoenix 2007 - Med Fresh Grill

Med Fresh Grill

Med Fresh Grill

414 S. Mill Ave.

Tempe, AZ 85281


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Chef Mustafa's not telling. Tastes like eggplant? Sure, a little bit. Looks a tad like crushed tomato? Yeah, but looks can be deceiving. The spiciness must mean there are some chiles in there somewhere, right? Mustafa just smiles, and asks if you'd like another cup.

It's Chef Mustafa San's secret sauce. Of which his fans — who know the guy as a master of Middle Eastern munchies from his stints at Tempe's Efes Turkish Cuisine and now Mill Avenue's Med Fresh Grill — are quite familiar. The Anatolian edibles at Med Fresh are some of the best and least expensive of their kind in town: kebab, baklava, falafel, you name it. But we're hooked on his sauce, and slather it on everything — pita, rice, meat, everything. Crikey, we'd eat a dachshund if it was dipped in the stuff. The recipe? Mustafa's not sharing. You can guess all you want. He'll even let you take some home for further, um, analysis. But there's only one way to acquire this savory spread, at the Med Fresh Grill, and the cagey Mustafa plans to keep it that way.

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I lived in Turkey and this is by far "The BEST" Turkish food I have had since I've been back in the states. Ask for DURUM instead of a sandwich, I know it's not on the menu but it's a Turkish original.


The food is good, the restaurant is in a great location. Business is strong, then why is it the you do not pay your employees when you first hire them illegally, then decide to keep their hard work earnings? Does not make sense to me, I ate there twice and shared how good your food was with family and friends, but now I take it all back.