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BEST SOUL FOOD RESTAURANT Phoenix 2007 - Mrs. White's Golden Rule Café

Mrs. White\'s Golden Rule Café

Mrs. White's Golden Rule Café

808 E. Jefferson St.

Phoenix, AZ 85034


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When you're looking for a little Southern comfort, Mrs. White's Golden Rule Café will definitely do the trick. This modest downtown eatery, where the menu's written on the walls and customers use the honor system to pay the cashier, has been keeping locals fat and happy for 40-odd years, thanks to delicious fried catfish, golden hunks of fried chicken, chicken-fried steak, and thick, juicy pork chops. Swab up that luscious gravy with a crumbly piece of cornbread, and don't forget to load up on satisfying side dishes, from mouth-watering candied yams to black-eyed peas and perfect greens. You might do a double-take at the generous portions here, but you also may surprise yourself at the end of the meal, when you're slurping down the last of your lemonade, wondering how you packed it all away. Well, believe it. These eats are just what your soul food-lovin' soul is seeking.
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Some of the best Soul Food I've ever had!!