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BEST SPORTS BAR, CENTRAL PHOENIX Phoenix 2007 - Half Moon Sports Grill

Half Moon Sports Grill

Half Moon Sports Grill

2121 E. Highland Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85016


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Despite the butt-cleavage theme, Half Moon Sports Grill is swankish enough to draw plenty of chicks, which, of course, makes for the best kind of sports bar there is: one where you might actually hook up during halftime. The grub, too, is not an afterthought. Half Moon boasts some of the best chicken wings in the Valley, for instance. In fact, you could even take a gal on a date to Half Moon, and she probably won't mind too much if you're checking the score every time she's not lookin'. Now that's a good sports bar.
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Actually, Half Moon does have draft beer, I know because I was just there for the NBA playoffs. Even if they didn't have draft beer, I would still go there because the girls are hot and the food is the best of any sports bar in town!


Half Moon has great food, service is good and wide array of TVs. There is one major issue that I have with it. There is NO DRAFT BEER. How can you possibly call yourself a Sports Bar without serving draft beer. Great bar but not a true sports bar without draft beer.


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