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BEST TEQUILA SELECTION Phoenix 2007 - Old Town Tortilla Factory

Old Town Tortilla Factory

Old Town Tortilla Factory

6910 E. Main St.

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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Sitting in the patio of this gorgeous old hacienda, surrounded by twinkling lights and leafy trees, feels something like visiting the home of an old friend with excellent taste — and a huge collection of premium tequilas. The restaurant's bar, or "margaritas tequileria," features 100 agave distillations, and trust us: We have yet to try one that doesn't go down with a blissful shudder. Not into shots? Try the margarita with herradura blanco. Now that's a kick.
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Kurt Robinson
Kurt Robinson

Well, they might have a great selection of Mexican liquor, but their food really let's you down from any high you might experience from the tequila. At least on the one visit I made there a couple years ago (hopefully they've improved but with so many other great Mexican choices around, I'll not be in a rush to go back to find out), their food was so pedestrian and served cold on top of it all! Lousy tortillas (strange they would name the restaurant after them due to how lousy they tasted), dry, cool chicken for my friend's tacos, and service which was less than attentive and efficient, I think this place is overrated and should not be recommended in general.


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