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BEST USE OF JELL-O IN A COCKTAIL Phoenix 2007 - Blue Wasabi Sushi & Martini Bar

Blue Wasabi Sushi & Martini Bar

Blue Wasabi Sushi & Martini Bar

2080 E. Williams Field Road

Gilbert, AZ 85296


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Blue Wasabi has one of the most creative drink menus in town, and we're glad that we can now drink the martinis a little closer to home, with the opening of the Hilton Village location. (You folks who live in DC Ranch had all the luck, 'til now.)

We're particularly fond of a drink called the Mello Jello. This is not your frat party Jell-O shot. Oh, no, this drink is pure sophistication, a blend of Skyy Berry vodka, cranberry-flavored sweet and sour, and cranberry juice infused with dark cherry Jell-O. A Jell-O infusion? Leave it to Blue Wasabi. And if that sounds too grownup, leave it entirely and try the Milky Way or the Lemon Head instead.

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