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BEST USED BOOKSTORE Phoenix 2007 - Toys, Books & Treasures

Toys, Books & Treasures

Toys, Books & Treasures

1235 S. Gilbert Road

Mesa, AZ 85204


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It says something about us all that a store that sells the contents of abandoned storage units has so many books. But they were cherished once, and the folks at Toys, Books & Treasures make sure they'll be cherished again. Pick your way past the porch full of furniture, the racks of old cassette tapes, and shelves crammed with vintage toys and sad, personalized mugs, and you'll find what we think of as VNSA training camp.

Did your neighbor move to Fresno with your favorite bathroom trivia book? There's probably a copy here. Do you have an in-law with an esoteric hobby or pursuit? Grab a year's worth of gifts for that weirdo — yes, the books are sorted by subject. Ooh, a Little Golden Book for the kids. (Yeah, right, the kids.) And while your selections are rung up at the counter, try to resist that rare collectible tree ornament. Just try.

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