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Bamboo Bakery

Bamboo Bakery

1619 E. Monte Vista Road

Phoenix, AZ 85006


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David Pham is a classically trained French pastry chef from Vietnam who runs a Phoenix bakery that caters mainly to Mexicans. Don't you just love America? (Okay, don't answer that. We're sick of you bigots out there!)

In any case, Pham has certainly added a dose of sugar to the local melting pot with the Bamboo Bakery. Initially, Pham focused on croissants and pastries, but as his reputation spreads, he's been making more cakes — specifically, brightly hued Mexican tres leches cake and fancy cakes in just about any shape, for quinceañera celebrations. (A favorite: a cake designed to look just like the guest of honor's fancy party dress.) Stop by the store, or check out the bakery's Web site, which will allow you to choose from more than 150 flavors of cakes and fillings. As for designs, the only limit is your imagination, and Pham will do you up right for any holiday.

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Rene S Escarsega
Rene S Escarsega

My Husband & I have been getting our daughter's Birthday cakes here ever since she turned 1. She is now turning 3 this year and we just put in the order for her 3rd cake along with her new little sisters first set of cakes for her 1st Birthday!

We absolutely love Bamboo Bakery they always exceed our expectations on the designs we choose, the cakes taste wonderful, they are so unique & everyone loves them! We refer everyone there for their special occasions. We anticipate coming here for many years to come for both our girls now when their Birthdays come around each year.

Thank you Bamboo Bakery!!


Thanks Bamboo Bakery for the wonderful service that we have received for our wedding reception held in Phoenix, AZ on June 21, 2008. The designs of the cake are as beautiful as they are delicious. Our guests enjoyed it to the very last piece of it. Thanks for using high-quality ingredients to enrich the flavor of the cake. My wife and I were so impressed for such a caring and thoughtful service that we have received. Thank you for going extra miles to willingly listen to all of our detailed requests and that you have made them all become true of what of a cake that we would like to have. Thanks again Bamboo Bakery. You are the best!

Travis & Kim