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BEST WAY TO CATCH A B-MOVIE Phoenix 2007 - Andrea Beesley-Brown's Midnite Movies

We've finally figured out what downtown Phoenix really needs: a good old-fashion repertory film house. Some kinda old school theater à la the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin or the Loft in Tucson, where we can kick back and screen cult classics, Russ Meyer's outrageous oeuvre, vintage cinematic epics, or other trashy filmic gems that can only be fully appreciated when viewed on the silver screen.

Since the chances of this dream theater being built are as likely as the Cardinals winning the Lombardi trophy, our celluloid thirst is gonna have to be slaked by the "Midnite Movie Mamacita," Andrea Beesley-Brown. Having nursed a lifelong love affair with sleazy cinema since her teenage years, the 28-year-old native New Zealander has brought the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) in B-movies to Valley audiences over the past two years. The second Friday of every month, Beasley hosts "Revenge of the B-Movie Babes" at the Paper Heart, which has featured a host of gory slasher and horror titles, while over at the Chandler Cinema, on the last Friday of the month, she presents "Grindhouse Redux," a double-feature pairing of a seedy sexploitation flick like Jailbait Babysitter with a carnage-laden film such as Death Race 2000.

Save a seat for us, Andrea; we'll bring the popcorn.

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Steve H.
Steve H.

Grindhouse Redux is AWESOME. A fun time is to be had by all. I regularly go with a huge group of friends who grew up in the Valley in the '70s and frequented such grindhouses as the Sombrero and the Valley Art.

The prints are old, sometimes scratchy and some are faded. That is half the fun. Wanna see a live "Mystery Science Theater"? Come to Grindhouse Redux.

Thank you Andrea!!!!


Hey Look at that. You are moving on up!

Midnite Movie Mamacita
Midnite Movie Mamacita

Thank you New Times and Phoenix!!! We couldn't do it without you!!

I'm saving the popcorn so come on out everyone!


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