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BEST WHITE PIZZA Phoenix 2007 - Miele's Pizzeria

Miele\'s Pizzeria

Miele's Pizzeria

1835 E. Guadalupe Road

Tempe, AZ 85283


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Does the absence of red sauce on a pizza make any difference? You bet it does. White pizza's a class unto itself — a distinctly craveable dish that seems simple, but is hard to find done as beautifully as Miele's fine pie. Here, the crust is crisp and flavorful, thin but still sturdy enough to hold a gooey, bubbly layer of melted mozzarella dotted with globs of creamy ricotta. A few delicate shreds of fresh basil add an aromatic touch that complements the subtle flavors of the cheese, and there's enough garlic on there to make your tongue tingle. While our pizza's still in the oven, we usually start off with an order of Miele's doughy, hot-out-of-the-oven garlic knots, just to get in the mood. Sure, they're filling, but once the white pizza arrives, we get lost in garlicky bliss. How blissful, you ask? Well, let's just say that we've never had to worry about leftovers from Miele's.
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Miehle' one of those places you drive by and you think..."I wonder if that's any good..". It's located in a strip mall between Fry's & Petsmart. But when you walk in you can tell immediately that this place is the real deal. As a tranplanted East Coast Italian, there are only a handful of places I walk into and go, "Aaaaah.". Miehle's is one of them. The food was unpretentious, but sophisticated (and I'm so OVER pretentious eateries). This place is run by and the food cooked by someone who is out to prove nothing to nobody, for the simple fact that they know what they're doing and they're doing it - really, really well. If you're looking for a good plateful of yummy for your tummy then this is it. **Dining with kids: We have a preschooler but did not bring him. I think this place would be fine for kids, but maybe not Fri or Sat evenings.


Food, service, prices are all great at this restaurant. My wife and I both agreed that this is our favorite place.


This restaurant is awesome. Everything I try there is just delicious and I have tried alot.


This is my favorite pizza! Stop in to Miele's and try it out.


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