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BEST WIG SHOP Phoenix 2007 - Panorama Wigs - CLOSED

Panorama Wigs

Panorama Wigs

818 N. Central Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85034


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There are wig shops and there are wig shops, and then there's Panorama Wigs, where faux follicles await those of us in need of a new mop up on top. Bad hair days vamoose for good after a quick trip to the city's oldest, wisest wig salon, where more than 3,000 hairdos, from flips to feathered falls, wait patiently atop Styrofoam heads. Budget styles (Did somebody say "Pixie"?) can be had for as little as $25, and while more hyper hairdos (ask to see the infamous "rainbow Cher wig"!) are pricier, they're still a bargain considering all the stares they'll earn you at your next soiree. Run, don't walk, to Panorama, where admission is free: You don't have toupée!
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I've been in this store twice. They don't have a stylist for the wigs, so if you buy one you have to go out and find someone who can style them for you (they're not easy to do yourself). I asked for a plain blonde wig, and they brought out a curly thing and told me I would have to tease it out myself. They recommended a stylist to me; I left my wig at her salon as I was asked to, and she hasn't returned my phone calls to find out when I can pick it up (if ever). I'm very frustrated.


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