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Best Art Supplies Phoenix 2008 - Arizona Art Supply

Arizona Art Supply

Arizona Art Supply

118 W. Indian School Road

Phoenix, AZ 85034


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Oh, sure. You can get paintbrushes at any art supply store. But how about airbrushes? Or grease pencils imported from Latvia? Or one of those clever, little wooden guys with all the movable joints?

There are art-supply stores, and then there's Arizona Art Supply, where the help treats you like a favorite houseguest and you can buy stuff you didn't know existed, like a handmade pine easel that collapses into a tiny box for easy transport. We wanted to make a lampshade but didn't know where to start, so we headed over to Arizona Art Supply and, after conferring with the friendly staff, came away with handmade paper from London, a pair of pinking shears, and a lot of suggestions about where to start. We also couldn't resist a calligraphy set, a sale-priced packet of oil paints, and a canvas. We know that once we're ready to tackle the art world — or the vagaries of hand-lettering — all we need do is drop back by our favorite art-supply house for a little friendly instruction.

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Eva Feld
Eva Feld

Arizona Art Supply always has what I need no matter how obscure and no matter how lazy I am to look for it myself, their personnel is super, courteous and always friendly. And what's more, when I am "loaded" with purchases or feel unsafe to walk out to my car there is always someone happy to assist. That's a super store in my eyes.