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Best Brew Pub Phoenix 2008 - Papago Brewing Co.

Papago Brewing Co.

Papago Brewing Co.

7107 E. McDowell Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85257


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Papago Brewing Company in Scottsdale is everything a brew pub (and your date) should be — comfortable, relaxed, and completely loaded. Beer oozes from every corner. There are beer taps decorating the lodgepole bar, beer signs on the walls, and a beer engine for cask-conditioned ales. No shit, a beer engine! The bar food's pretty decent — especially the wraps and design-your-own pizza — which is good, because you'll need something to soak up the lake of beer churning in your gut. The bar stocks a rotating selection of 30 brews on tap, including house beers like Hop Dog pale ale and El Robusto porter. Beer goggles, anyone?

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Don't know when how you answer the phone became a criteria for a great brewpub. As far as I'm concerned, selection of beer, quality of beer, quality of food is all that really matters to me...and Papago wins hands down. I'll let somebody else worry about the phone.


Don't know how Papago won Best of Phoenix Award when they have some of the rudest people answering the phone. Guess the people aren't considered when they hand out the awards.