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Best British Import Phoenix 2008 - fresh & easy

fresh & easy

fresh & easy

635 W. Indian School Road

Phoenix, AZ 85013


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When we heard that one of our favorite bars, the legendary Chez Nous, was being knocked down to make room for a British grocery store, we were horrified. We loved Chez Nous! And who needs another market, particularly one from the culinarily challenged Brits? Well, we stand corrected. This tidily stripped-down chain now has five Phoenix locations and 14 in the 'burbs, and after hearing friends from Avondale to Scottsdale sings its praises, we went to see for ourselves and were instantly won over. Lazy cooks like us thrill to the market's "kits," which use fresh ingredients to replicate that whole Lean Cuisine meal-in-a-box experience.

And our aspiring chef friends adore the fresh fruits and veggies — bought from local growers whenever possible. So when fresh & easy finally opened its location at the site of the old Chez Nous, we came bearing ATM cards, rather than picket signs.

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I couldn't disagree more. If you go to one of these stores more than once and actually buy their food, you'll start to notice the major negatives. The ready-to-eat stuff doesn't seem very fresh or tasty, and is not a good value. They have a (very) few items on sale each week, everything else is where they make their profit. This 7th Av/Indian School location got a very unfriendly ogre of a manager. It seems painful for her to talk to customers or come out of her hole in the back. When she's not there (very often) the employees treat the place like it's a joke. They'll have one employee inside the store while 4 others are outside smoking. They sometimes understaff the place so badly (2 people for an entire medium-sized grocery store) that your pallet of "fresh" food is going to sit there unrefrigerated for an hour before it's put away. Heaven forbid a manager should help out once in a while; they act like they're above that, when the truth is they're probably incapable of doing the harder jobs. This place is owned by British behemoth Tesco, they're like the Wal-Mart of Britain. Why support that when we have local grocers with better prices, selection, and quality anyway?