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Best Car Wash Phoenix 2008 - Los Olivos Car Wash

Los Olivos Car Wash

Los Olivos Car Wash

232 East McDowell Road

Phoenix, AZ 85004


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Like Sonny and Cher used to sing, "It's the little things that mean a lot." We couldn't agree more, and that's why we've made Los Olivos our one and only — car wash, that is. Besides getting a great wash and wax, Los Olivos offers a long list of "little things," like more-than-friendly service, a comfortable waiting room, and a shoeshine booth right on the premises, so we can kill two birds with one stone while we're there, leaving with a clean car and newly polished shoes. We love that the friendly owners remember us and greet us with a warm smile each time we pull up, even if it's been a couple of months and our car is disgracefully dirty.

And we're grateful that they're just as courteous when we're in a hurry and have time only for a $6 Quick Wash as they are when we stick around for a regular hand wash (only $9.99!) or The Works, which includes Armor All, Poly Clear-Coat, and an air freshener of our choice all for only $17.99. Los Olivos' fast, friendly brushless washes and waxes are enough to keep us coming back, but the extras are a nice touch we haven't found elsewhere in town. And speaking of Sonny and Cher, that dynamic duo filmed part of one of their movies on Los Olivos' property in 1967 — another reason we love going there.

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I was so disappointed in many car washes in the PHoenix area that I decided to look up the best of the best and ended up a Los Olivos Car Wash. Took the best car wash they had to offer and I have to say I was disgusted and disappointed in the pride they took and the lack of responsibility they accepted. I had pointed out everything that needed to be cleaned ( I should not had to do that) and I ran my finger across the car and it was not brown but black from the dirt. Maybe this title should be taken away. The gnentleman did not want to hear the complaints and made up excuses to why it was still dirty. One excuse was because the rag he used was wet. Hello - then dry the car. Keep this in mind before you go spend almost $40.00 for the so called best car wash in town.


I have a fleet of cars go in and some of my employees said they were rude.I mean I had some issue personally but today Sunday April 5 .Jovell in the front treated me so rudely I was amazed what was happening ,I asked her to please take care of the bugs on the front and she said there's no guarantee because of the package Im paying for .There not going to spend time on cleaning it. .I tell you what I am pulling my hole fleet and going somewhere else. Does anyone have any pride anymore.