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Best Chinese Restaurant Phoenix 2008 - Asian Café Express

Asian Café Express

Asian Café Express

1911 W. Main St.

Mesa, AZ 85201


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What's in a name? Well, not always what you might think. To the uninitiated, Asian Café Express might seem like a nondescript fast-food joint serving a mishmash of Asian food, but in truth, this unassuming eatery is pure Hong Kong, baby. Like so many good Chinese restaurants, Asian Café Express is efficient and no-frills, with specials written in Chinese and English tacked to pastel pink walls. Photos of special dishes are helpful, too, since the menu itself sprawls on and on.

Like noodles? This place has dozens of choices, from black mushroom chow fun and beef tripe lo mein to a slew of different soups. Stir-fry dishes round up a mind-boggling assortment of ingredients, such as bean sprouts and shredded pork, or scrambled egg with shrimp. You can get whole fish prepared several different ways, and there are so many hot-pot concoctions that it would take weeks of dedicated eating just to try them all. But hey, it's fun to try — nothing costs more than $7.99, so why not be adventurous?

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So many dishes to choose from! There is lots of tofu, meats and seafood. We tried the Vegetable Spring Egg Roll, Sour Vegetable Tofu w/Brown Rice, Chicken Dumplings and Sweet and Sour Pork. The food was piping hot, take home size portions and so yummy! I will definitely be back to try more and maybe even leave enough room for dessert.