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Best Croissants Phoenix 2008 - Au Petit Four

Au Petit Four

Au Petit Four

7217 E. 4th Ave.

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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We love everything about Au Petit Four, from the strong coffee and the case full of colorful pastries to the outstanding omelets. Indeed, there are plenty of reasons to come to this tiny cafe, but even if there were just one — that is, their amazing croissants — we'd still make a special trip across town just to eat here. Au Petit Four's croissants are so rich and buttery, you'd think they put a whole stick of butter in each one. They're delicately crisp, baked to a perfect, deep shade of golden brown, but inside, they're still flaky and light. And, honestly, we find it incredibly difficult to eat only one, lest we look like total gluttons. How do the French themselves make self-restraint seem so easy? Well, we think we've figured them out: They get extra croissants to go.

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My wife and I made the trip across town for breakfast at Au Petit Four based upon the recommendation of New Times "Best Of".

We both ordered the menu item: scrambled eggs, croissant, and sausage. What we received was a cold Costco doughy croissant, scrambled egg, and literally a luke warm hot dog which they call a sausage.

This was absolutely the worst breakfast that my wife and I have ever had. If this is was New Times calls "The Best Of", then let me sell you on a five star restaurant called "Denny's" on ocean front property in Arizona.