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Best Gay Bar Phoenix 2008 - Amsterdam - CLOSED



718 N. Central Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85004


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The décor in this chic lounge is striking — a beautiful, wood-paneled Art Deco bar; white Roman pillars; sparkling chandeliers; burgundy leather couches, and a black baby grand piano all add to the classy ambiance. The drink of choice is the martini, of which Amsterdam serves more than 100 different variations, each served with a huge chunk of fruit. The music is a mix of dance tunes, diva crooning, and avant jazz, but the place is so crowded with warm bodies and loud voices on weekends that you probably won't hear the music much anyway.

As for eye candy, Amsterdam's got something for everyone. Though it's one of the most celebrated "gay bars" in the city and draws the lion's share of young, hot gay men (and a good portion of lesbians, too), it's also become a magnet for stylish straight women and the hetero-metrosexual men who pursue them. Amsterdam's element of refinement is balanced with tongue-out flamboyance — the club offers everything from $5 Martinis & Manicures on Mondays to "live boys" from dancing on the patio for special events.

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Great place, but the owner is an arrogant jerk and he does not like and refuses to play any Latin stuff.

Beautiful people here, professional dancers hangout there (Latin dancers as well), but the negativity towards Latin people and music BY THE OWNER is a definite turn off. The waiter's, for the most part, are very nice and accommodating.

The owner was so rude to me, such a bad experience. While I love the atmosphere, I have only been back once since the incident and I used to go every Friday and Saturday night.


Check out the Fantasy Grill in Tempe. Great Gay Bar Lots of people.