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Best Gelato Phoenix 2008 - Arlecchino Gelateria

Why is there often a line out the door of this pint-size gelato shop? Well, if you have to ask the question, you probably haven't stopped by yet. That's okay, though — it usually only takes a bite of this creamy, heavenly stuff to join the initiated. Owners Moreno and Marina Spangaro are natives of Trieste, Italy, and their homemade gelato is an authentic taste of the Old Country. Most places hawking gelato these days can whip up any flavor imaginable (bubblegum, anyone?) with the help of canned flavor pastes, but at Arlecchino, everything is made from scratch. That means melon and blood orange come and go with the seasons because they're made with organic, locally grown fruit. The dense, heady chocolate gelato is made from a secret blend of top-shelf cocoa, and the intense pistachio is flavored with pure Sicilian pistachios. Are you hungry yet? We thought so. Go ahead; get in line.

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marina spangaro
marina spangaro

this message is for chrissy harmon:first, we don't hate americans at all we have a lot of american friends and italian as well.second, spend more time thinking and caring for your life and not for ours especially when you don't know usthe spangaro's family

Chrissy Harmon
Chrissy Harmon

The owners of Arlecchino shut down and left America because they hated Americans. So much for friendly neighborhood gelato shop. I will be going to the Gelato Spot because I can actually sit and enjoy my gelato with free Wi-Fi :)