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Best Gourmet Pizza Phoenix 2008 - Pizzeria Bianco

Pizzeria Bianco

Pizzeria Bianco

623 E. Adams St.

Phoenix, AZ 85004


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The menu is modest: half a dozen pizzas and a handful of starters. The ingredients are humble, and mostly local, with a few standout imports like mortadella from Modena, Italy. The atmosphere's low-key, too, with a blazing wood-fired oven as the main focal point in a rustic, brick-walled dining room. But as much as Pizzeria Bianco tries to be down to earth, it remains a dining destination for pizza fanatics, Slow Foodies, and the generally curious, who might've heard about chef-owner Chris Bianco's fantastic pies from Martha or Oprah or some other national media source.

The hype has created constant crowds, no matter what night of the week it is, along with critics who contend that no pizza is worth waiting hours for. But this is no ordinary pizza, and contrary to urban legend, nobody else in town comes close to creating a crust with such character, all bubbly and blistered, crisp and a little chewy. Toppings are just as memorable, from the sublime marinara — a cheeseless pie that celebrates garlic, oregano, and sauce redolent with ripe tomatoes — to the legendary Wise Guy, topped with fennel sausage, roasted onions, and house-smoked mozzarella. Sure, waiting for a table at this downtown landmark takes patience that borders on religious devotion. But one thing's certain: The faithful eventually get a taste of heaven.

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Frank Parker
Frank Parker

My two kids went to PB with Adam, the neighbor kid who was a Scottsdale Culinary student at the time and an ardent pizza afficionado. Adam wanted the experience, and company while waiting. They got there at six, ordered,and went to the Dbacks game knowing there was time to use. They left the ballgame during the eighth inning, which was a big concession for my son, went back to PB, and still had to wait half an hour. Everyone was underwhelmed by the experience and the product. Since then we have learned how to make our own and haven't had pizza anywhere but home. And ours reheats fantastically.


I found this place to be over-hyped ... the crust was ok from the crust in but once you got towards the center, soggy city brother... The toppings were good but to wait outside for almost 2 hours before the place even opened is a waste of time ... Vito's on 43rd ave and Northern much better and priced right