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Best Hot Dog Phoenix 2008 - Ted's Hot Dogs

Ted\'s Hot Dogs

Ted's Hot Dogs

1755 E. Broadway

Tempe, AZ 85282


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Some people think hot dogs are meant to be eaten only at a ballgame or a backyard barbecue — but those folks obviously haven't been to Ted's Hot Dogs. Too bad they don't know what they're missing.

These charcoal-broiled wienies are plump and smoky, tucked into fresh, soft buns that are just sturdy enough to hold up under whatever toppings we might be craving, from relish, onions, and mustard to chili and cheese. Whenever we're in the vicinity of Ted's, just the thought of sinking our teeth into one of these beauties is enough to make us stop by for a snack. Add some homemade onion rings and a chocolate shake, and we'll call it one of the best meal deals in town.

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I don't get it .. I'm from Chicago and this place would be up for sale or bankrupt out there... Arizona wake up this was overpriced junk...


Was not impressed by this place AT ALL!!!! Soggy onion rings and thin greasy chili sauce. uh uh