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Best Jewish Bakery Phoenix 2008 - Karsh's Bakery - CLOSED

Karsh\'s Bakery

Karsh's Bakery

5555 N. 7th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85014


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These days, you can find bagels and challah and maybe even a decent rye bread at plenty of neighborhood grocery stores, but Karsh's Bakery still makes the best, using all kosher ingredients, the way they've been doing since the '60s. This bakery's almost like a time capsule, an old school, no-bells-and-whistles storefront where the display cases are packed with mouthwatering breads, rolls, and pastries, including rugalach and black-and-white cookies that bring customers from miles around. Looking for a special occasion cake? Karsh's does those too, from traditional wedding and birthday cakes to specialty designs shaped like animals, toys, and even Louis Vuitton handbags.

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The bakery is still there but it is owned and run by new people. Everything pretty much tastes the same but the staff doesn't seem to care about the customers anymore

Peter K
Peter K

Karsh's has not moved! They are still at 7th St & Missouri.


Karsh's cleared out of their location a couple weeks ago.


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