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Best Karaoke Phoenix 2008 - Bullock's Cocktail Lounge

Bullock\'s Cocktail Lounge

Bullock's Cocktail Lounge

2601 W. Bethany Home Road

Phoenix, AZ 85017


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There are a few reasons why we visit Bullock's for its karaoke. Besides offering more than 10,000 songs for us to sing along with — either on key or off — the Phoenix bar also attracts a diverse clientele that comes for karaoke action seven nights a week. It's a wide cross-section of humanity that's just as entertaining as any reality show you've seen, regardless of singing talent (or lack thereof). There are lonely barflies who croon out forlorn love songs, tattooed skinny guys bellowing nu-metal anthems by Disturbed, as well as overly enthusiastic chubby geeks energetically trying to imitate Elvis Presley (and that's just the first hour alone). Probably the most surreal sight we've seen at Bullock's was a middle-aged housewife singing Katy Perry's titillating blockbuster hit "I Kissed a Girl." Nutty. Suffice it to say, if you get bored waiting for your turn in the rotation, at least there's plenty of entertainment to be had in the people-watching.

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Watch out for Reyna.  She seems to like married men!


What a farce!Brigett's Last Laugh is ten times better than Bullock's for karaoke! I've been to both bars and Brigett's trumps it by far! 10,000 songs....yeah right if you count all the multiple copies of songs! Besides Bullock's has a habit of having a minute or two of dead air in between songs due to the host either running his mouth or he takes forever to load a song.Not to mention one night I was at Bullock's and a couple of times throughout the night they stopped karaoke to play dance music for ten minutes. There's a reason why Brigett's won last year and that's cause it is the best and it still is! The only reason it didn't win this year is because you can't win 2 years in a row!