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Best Late-Night Nosh Phoenix 2008 - Fate

No matter where you are in the Valley, late-night dining options are pretty slim pickings. The choices are even fewer downtown, where so many places are lunch-only (for the commuter crowd) or else they end their "dinner" service before some of us are even off work. It's a little bit of poetic justice, though, that Fate, our favorite place to get a meal in the wee hours, goes the extra mile to redeem downtown's nighttime dining scene. For goodness' sake, they're open 'til 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights — hardly any restaurant in the Valley can boast hours like that. Of course, we're happy to eat here no matter what time it is. From Thai spring rolls and Hong Kong flat rice to a variety of tasty stir-fry dishes (we're addicted to the Cantonese Black Dragon, with the best black bean sauce around), chef-owner Johnny Chu does Asian fusion with flair, much of it with a healthful or vegetarian spin. Fried tofu is one caloric exception, but it's too crispy and delightful to ignore. We could eat that at any hour of the day or night.

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