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Best Local Radio Comedy Show Phoenix 2008 - Chillin' with B and Gas

KWSS offers not only commercial-free programming but serves as home to the funniest radio comedy show in the Valley, Chillin' with B and Gas, which airs every Monday from 7 p.m. to midnight. Comedian Bryan Ricci joins deejay Kevin Gassman every week, where the pair cheekily discusses things like whether or not a particular song is "porn music," things that make relationships break down, and the crux of the show, the "Gasshole of the Week." The duo defines a "Gasshole" as a combination of an asshole and an idiot, and gives the title to people like Gardenia Johansson Zarkweski, the Valley mother who told a valet to watch her son while she and her Chihuahua went shopping at Scottsdale Fashion Square. The show's been going strong since December 2006 and doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon — at least not with so many unrecognized Gassholes still in town.

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Wayne Boeck
Wayne Boeck

Who did TV comedy answer to people who ask "What's new?" before you can say "Hello" so that the burden of the conversation is on you. I was told Brian Regan but I have not found recording. Any help greatly appreciated, thank you

John Edward Barrett
John Edward Barrett

Truly one of the best shows to listen to in the valley. Couldn't happen to two better guys!