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Best Local Vaudeville Show Phoenix 2008 - Romantasy Cabaret

The day that the eggheads finally invent a time machine can't get here soon enough, because we've got some major plans for that wondrous doohickey. Besides heading back to eighth grade to confront the bully whose daily thrashings stunted our self-confidence to this day, we're warping back to the 1920s to witness a bona fide vaudeville show. We've seen only pictures of the ribald and raucous variety shows that were a mix of comedy, music, dancing, and oddly freakish behavior, so we'd love the experience of seeing performers like Stan Laurel or Ethel Barrymore in their prime.

And until the day we've got our own personal flux capacitors, our butts will be firmly planted in front of the stage at The Sets whenever the hilarious and hot Lucy Morals presents Romantasy Cabaret.

Every month during the summertime, Morals serves as barker and emcee for the vaudeville-like showcase, which features shenanigans of a sexy, surreal, and side-splitting nature. One eclectic edition (titled "Opulent Dreams") boasted the snake dancing of Mother Fakir, the hilarious acoustic parody songs of Tom Tuerff, the boffo burlesque of Dolly Diamonds, and other outrageousness.

The always-madcap Stephen Strange was also in attendance, wowing the crowd by setting off fireworks strapped to his stomach.

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K-Lee Geelishious
K-Lee Geelishious

I see the 2009 poll is about to happen and am happy to see Romantasy Cabaret not only still going, but going stronger than ever, now at Club red in Tempe. 2009 was their Speakeasy Sins, The Gins Joint's a-Jumpin show and I hear they have an amazing theme in store for 2010! Let's hope they get the nomination and votes needed to be winners again this year! K.L.G.

Danielle Winter
Danielle Winter

WOW This is awesome! I feel so proud to be apart of this show and working with all of these amazing performers!!

The next Romantasy Cabaret actually takes place at Club Red in Tempe. See us at for more info!

Karsten Vopich
Karsten Vopich

Excellent choice! Happy to see that my vote may have counted and that this show got some deserved recognition!KV