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Best Mexican Takeout Phoenix 2008 - Rito's Market & Mexican Takeout

Rito\'s Market & Mexican Takeout

Rito's Market & Mexican Takeout

907 N. 14th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85006


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Talk about a testament to a restaurant's success: Earlier this year, Rito's streamlined its already compact menu — farewell, tacos and tostadas — and it hardly seems to have put a dent in business. Nope, most days there's still a line here at lunchtime, even though this no-frills eatery keeps a really low profile (so low that there's not even a sign on the front door). Of course, it's worth the wait for excellent burros and chimichangas, served up plain or enchilada-style. Go for the red chili burro, with tender shreds of beef smothered in smooth, lip-smackingly spicy sauce; the green chili burro (Rito's claim to fame), filled with moist chunks of pork; or the great beans and rice. It's all homey, flavorful, and easy on the wallet. And be sure to stake out a spot at one of the picnic tables outside, where you can join other happy customers chowing down on one of the best lunch deals in town. After one whiff of the good stuff cooking back in the kitchen, we promise you'll be too hungry to take your takeout back home.

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Rito's oh man this place makes the best red & green burritos you will have ever taste. My husband and I started going here before we ever got married & started a family. A very good friend of the family god rest his soul told us about this restaurant. I think the name of the restaurant has changed but it's still in the same location. Our friend Alex Reyes know as (Shorty) was very right about the burrito's it's the only thing we've ever gotten there because they are just so good we can't seem to eat anything else. My husband planned on having their food on our anniversary but because of financial hardships it looks like that will have to be next year.

Everyone reading this you will have to try this place just one time and you will see once is never enough. Because you will always go back, there's real flavor here. They could easily branch out if they wanted to. We love this place. If you haven't tried it yet then you are really missing out big time.