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Best Mojito Phoenix 2008 - Fuego Bistro

Fuego Bistro

Fuego Bistro

713 E. Palo Verde Drive

Phoenix, AZ 85014


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The perfect mojito is light and refreshing, with a sweet overtone that masks the kick of the rum. That's why we love the Prickly Pear version at Fuego Bistro, in central Phoenix. The flavor is subtler than the mojito's standard lemony notes, and tastes a little like watermelon without the sickening sweetness that comes with most fruity drinks. Mojito purists might argue that the lack of mint and citrus disqualifies this one, but we say get with the times! Any place that carries 61 rums and 12 flavorings sure as hell knows what a mojito is. Do the math. That's over 700 possible combinations, and Fuego's mixologists know how to make 'em all.

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The person who wrote the note about the mojito have no idea what a mojito is. A hint: mojito is not made with mint, but with yerba buena. When you call a drink you created a mojito, while is not, that is not creativity, that is plain ignorance.


After 31 years of High Education in Cuban Cuisine, and holder of the "300-Pounder Cuban" Certification, I can guaranty that the menu offer at this establishment disqualify it as a Cuban Restaurant.