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Best Neighborhood Mexican Restaurant, Tempe Phoenix 2008 - Restaurant Mexico

Restaurant Mexico

Restaurant Mexico

423 S. Mill Ave.

Tempe, AZ 85281


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In its three-plus decades of existence, Restaurant Mexico has certainly had its share of changes (ever-expanding development has forced it to pack up and move three times), but one thing's remained the same: its mouthwatering food. And in an area overflowing with Sonoran eateries, its menu full of Mexico City-style dishes definitely sets it apart from the pack. How about some fresh sopes topped with chorizo, or perhaps one of the unusual quesadillas, a deep-fried delicacy made with masa and flavorful beef picadillo? Other options include tacos, tostadas, and enchiladas slathered in tomatillo sauce. You can hardly go wrong, which is evident even in Restaurant Mexico's tasty take on standards like refried beans. Say all you want about "Mall Avenue" — this little-indie-restaurant-that-could, now planted squarely in the midst of Tempe's bustling main drag, is a true original.

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Margie Puerta, I never stopped loving you. Beautiful, brilliant, seductive. I loved going to your aunt's restaurant with you. I loved doing anything with you. Riding bikes, walking, John Lee Hooker at Chuy's Choo Choo at 2 a.m., writing love letters to you from the midwest, snowed in for days, longing to be with you. I wanted so badly to place my heart in your hands for all of eternity. Still do. Meet me in heaven someday?