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Best New Coffee House Phoenix 2008 - Toshi's Roast - CLOSED

Toshi\'s Roast

Toshi's Roast

17058 W. Bell Road

Surprise, AZ 85374


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Ten years ago, if a restaurant were to charge $5 for coffee, it would have been laughed out of business. That's why Toshi's Roast in Surprise nabbed our vote this year — because if a cuppa Joe is going to cost as much as a decent burger, than it had damn well better be imported from South America and roasted in-house using a $15,000 machine. Owners Randy Miller, a former California juvie probation officer, and his wife, Marie, were clever enough to create a niche market for themselves, offering Asian-themed blended drinks like the popular Black Dragon Mocha, plus a selection of Japanese teas. The result is an upscale and trendy coffee house that brews a solid cup of coffee, whether it's the cheapskate's Americano or a fancy latte that's actually worth the five bucks.

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I knew that this place was going to be very successful. So sorry to see that the downfall of the economy effected Toshi's Roast as well. I was disappointed that Randy & Marie had to close their store. They have motivated myself to be more involved with the local community. I have missed the family environment and superior tasting coffee. Thanks to the friends of Toshi's Roast who were able to get me connected with Randy again! I'm excited to hear that his new website for his coffee home delivery service will be up and running soon. Sign me up, I'm ready to place my order! Looking forward to Toshi's Coffee Roasters.

two of us
two of us

Great coffee, nice looking place but absolutely ZIP atmosphere. Dead quiet, Safeway at Bell and Cotton vibe. Get your coffee on the run. Owner (?) runs hot and cold friendly.