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Best Place for Creative Inspiration Phoenix 2008 - Diane Ribbon & Notion Co.

Diane Ribbon & Notion Co.

Diane Ribbon & Notion Co.

2319 W. Holly St.

Phoenix, AZ 85009

800-622-7263), 602-271-9273

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"Diane" is like the crazy love child of Michael and JoAnn, a place where you can find much of the crafting gear available at those bland chain stores, but where you can also find an entire aisle devoted to old plastic doll parts, equal in size to the ribbon department. There's no rhyme or reason, and that's why we love this dark, sort-of-scary warehouse, so far off the beaten path that these folks don't know the meaning of the term mega-mall. But there's nothing small about Diane Ribbon, except the parking lot, so be glad this place is still a buried treasure. Get over there, though, because rumors abound that someday, the chains will put poor Diane under.

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