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Best Place to Buy Agwa Phoenix 2008 - Top's Liquor

Top\'s Liquor

Top's Liquor

403 W. University Drive

Tempe, AZ 85281


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In addition to carrying more than 1,700 wines and 600 beers, Top's has also been staying on top of the latest imported trend drinks. It was one of the first locations to offer absinthe when the lucid, weaker American version was legalized, and it was the first location we found Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur, weeks before the drink came to the attention of the general public. While the more potent European version of Agwa is still unavailable in the states, Top's carries the American version at a decent price — around $50 for a liter. And for the uninitiated, the clerks and cashiers at Top's can offer drink tips. We also picked up a free Agwa drink recipe pamphlet at the register. Happy debauchery.

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Just a couple of fact corrections:

Agwa does not come in a liter bottle. The only bottles currently available in AZ are 750ml and 50ml.

They are priced at: $37.99 (750) and $3.29 (50ml)

There is no $50 liter of Agwa.

We'll still give you some great drinking tips though!

Drink it cold and with citrus vodka!