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Best Place to Shoot Darts Phoenix 2008 - Clicks Billiards - CLOSED

Clicks Billiards

Clicks Billiards

3935 E. Thomas Road

Phoenix, AZ 85018


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We've got a passion for anything old school. Vinyl's way better than MP3, Grandmaster Flash will always trump Jay-Z, and the original Nintendo is far more fun than the Xbox 360. And when it comes to the game of darts, we prefer old-fashioned boards made from sisal fibers to them new-fangled electronic Galaxy machines. Call us crazy, but we prefer it when our darts actually stay sunken into the target after we throw them, instead of falling to the ground (which usually happens with plastic-tipped darts and worn-out machines). It's just one of the reasons why we've dug aiming our steel-tipped darts at bull's-eyes available at Clicks. While most Valley bars and clubs feature an array of the aforementioned electronic dart units, this east Phoenix pool hall follows the less-is-more philosophy, with three bristle boards available. Another plus is the place's pub-like atmosphere, which is somewhat fitting, as the sport originated in Britain. There's also a gigantic big-screen sitting close by, just in case you wanna catch a D-Backs or Suns game while beating your buddies at a game of "cricket" or "round the clock." Don't get too distracted, however, as the owners would prefer it if you didn't miss and accidentally put someone's eye out.

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I completely agree with the other comment. You might as well mark Bullshooters down as the best for the next 10 years. Nothing will ever compete with it. Huge tournaments where they bring in bleachers and more dart boards. Top talent, handicapped weekly tournaments, and a super fun drinking crowd.


Are you kidding me?? Clicks does not have a chance at being a Dart Bar? First of all there are no shooters at this location with any real ability. Second of all they offer steel tip only.

If you want to find a dart bar then Bullshooters in Phoenix is the only choice. They have 12 soft tip boards and 3 steel tip boards. They hold numerous Master player events and offer some of the best talent in the game. Their manager is also a dart player and provides one of the funnest places to play I have been too. He is focused on creating a great environment and making this bar the place to play any dart game you would like, not too mention they run numerous tournaments for all levels.

Clicks??? A dart bar, come on News Times do not let someone buy your advertising make them earn it.