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Best Pro-Immigration Activist Phoenix 2008 - Salvador Reza

Rumpled and occasionally gruff, Salvador Reza resembles at first glance some eccentric Chicano-studies professor, and if you let him, he can lecture with the best of them on the plight of indigenous peoples in the Americas. But Reza ain't no academic, unless you count his college as the struggle in the streets against the harassment and discrimination of undocumented workers. There he teaches regularly, usually with a bullhorn, all while going head-to-head with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, assorted Minutemen, and various other nativist numbskulls. Reza runs the Macehualli Work Center in north Phoenix, where he provides a place where jornaleros, or day laborers, can hook up with employers seeking short-term help.

The word macehualli means "those who deserve honor for their work," in Nahuatl, the language of the ancient Aztecs. And it is just that kind of honor and respect that Reza fights for regularly in civil rights marches, protests, and in speeches demanding same before the Legislature and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Because he is both unafraid and unrelenting, Reza has become the man redneck nativists most love to hate. Hey, as far as we're concerned, you judge a man by his enemies. And if the toothless, ignorant KKK-wanna-bes spend every waking moment cursing Sal Reza, then you know he's doing something right. Keep doing your thing, Sal.

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He is both unafraid and unrelenting,(french horns please). Well, why would Senor Reza be afraid of spending time in a nice jail, with a nice bed, getting three square a day,etc. In Mexico, he'd be in a rat infested dump, sleeping on concrete, and eating bread and water or tortillas as the case may be. This is all just a taxpayer paid, expensive hobby the old fart engages in. Now, some serious prison time, in say, Atcatraz and we will see how "unafraid and unrelenting he would be. He' another stupid anti-white bigot and Mexican reconquista, that if we had an administraiton that was worth a shit, would exhile his ass back to good old Mejico.


senor salvador con todo el respeto que usted me merece gracias le doy por lo que usted ha hecho por nosotros tambien le comento que estamos siendo acosados por policias que rondan entre la 31st y la 32st ya que dichos policias sin motivo alguno paran a la gente solo por su color de piel a tres de mis amigos los pararon sin motivo alguno y los reportaron a inmigracion gracias de antemano senor