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Best Public Library Speaker Phoenix 2008 - Magda Herzberger, Holocaust survivor and author

Before you say that you're done being bummed out by yet another sad reminder of the horrors of Nazi Germany, consider remarkable 82-year-old Romanian-born Magda Herzberger. Now living in Fountain Hills, Mrs. Herzberger survived three death camps, Auschwitz, Bremen, and Bergen-Belsen.

For nearly four decades, she has spoken about her incredible experiences, reading from her poetry and from her books, listening to musical groups perform her haunting compositions (her piece Requiem is dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust victims). She inevitably gets a lot of questions after she speaks, especially from schoolchildren, about what she endured and how she did it. The thing is, this resilient woman somehow is an eternal optimist, and her speaking style is so engaging and upbeat that it's impossible to leave the room afterward feeling less than hopeful about the human spirit, even under the most horrific circumstances. Her recent autobiography, Survivor, and her children's book, Tales of the Magic Forest, are inspirational. Mrs. Herzberger seems to thrive on speaking at public libraries. She is a bright light among us. Next time you see her listed on an events schedule, do drop in.

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Frtiedrich Paul Berg
Frtiedrich Paul Berg

The question I have for Magda Herzberger and all other "survivors" as well is: “If the Nazis had really been trying to kill them, how did they possibly survive?”

There are still today hundreds of thousands of so-called "holocaust survivors" including many thousands who spent time in Auschwitz. ALL of them are, in fact, living p-r-o-o-f (not merely “evidence”) for the simple fact that there was absolutely no attempt by the Germans to exterminate the Jews of Europe. All were kept alive by the Germans with food, water, shelter, medical care, clean clothing (free of lice), security andso much more.

Let's have a debate about it, Magda—with me and not just with brainwashed, innocent school children. Surely, the New Times can help arrange such a public debate with sufficient police security and wide public interest in this enormously important subject.

Friedrich Paul BergLearn everything at my websiteNazi Gassings Never Happened!