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Best Radio Station for Local Music Phoenix 2008 - Blaze 1260-AM

ASU's radio station plays more songs by local artists — from the experimental sounds of Yourchestra to the electro-pop of Peachcake to the hard rock of the Necronauts — than any other radio station in the Valley. The station's annual "Guest DJ Week," during the last week of March, boasts hosts from the hippest parts of the local music scene (previous guest DJs have included William Fucking Reed, Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World, Jared Bell of Lymbyc Systym, Treasure Mammal, and former New Times music editor Niki D'Andrea). When it comes to playing hot new local bands, The Blaze seems to have a knack for finding who's about to start a fire, whether it's putting local funk-rock jammers Black Carl on heavy rotation, or breaking in a new song by buzz kings What Laura Says Thinks and Feels. The only downside is the station's weak signal — if you're not within a 10-mile radius of the ASU campus, you're not going to get The Blaze on your dial. Luckily, the station streams live on the Internet, so anyone in the world can catch the best new music coming out of Phoenix.

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Can I submit music? and if you like it would you play it? Here is a video of one of their songs see it all the way thru after the interviews with band members the song continues.

Sam Anders
Sam Anders

They moved frequency to 1330 AM. The online stream works well at 96kbps, as for the on air signal its more like one mile from ASU not 10 even when at 1260 AM. Thanks Blaze!

Randy Gwynn
Randy Gwynn

I'm in a band from south Alabama and was wondering if I send you guys a 3-song cd if you would play it on your station? The music is rock-n-roll for sure. The band name is "the Big Shots".

Thanks for your consideration,Randy

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