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Best Reason to Believe the Diamondbacks Will Someday Win It All Phoenix 2008 - Manager Bob Melvin

Bob Melvin toiled for eight major-league franchises as a player, including the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, and the San Francisco Giants, but was never much of an offensive player. A backup catcher during his career, he finished his playing days with a batting average of .233 and 35 home runs. But he has been a hell of a manager in his still-young career. He won 93 games as manager of the Seattle Mariners in 2003 but was let go after the next season, when the team lost 99 games. Shit happens!

He returned to the Diamondbacks, where he'd been bench coach, in 2005 and led the team to the National League West Championship last year, going on to manage the D-Backs to a sweep over the Chicago Cubs in the National League Division Series, only to see his team swept by the Colorado Rockies in the NLCS. But it was a marvelous journey, one that earned Melvin National League Manager of the Year. The poorest offensive team in the National League would never have gone as far as it did without "The Mad Scientist," which is what broadcaster and former D-Back Mark Grace dubbed Melvin because of his frequent juggling of winning lineups.

He did a whole lot last year with a team of promising youngsters and only one real star, Cy Young Award-winning pitcher Brandon Webb.

This year, he had a few more stars but (at press time) was seemingly less successful. Melvin has a quiet intensity on the field that inspires the confidence of players and fans. We pray (as we always do when in comes to the D-Backs) that the Mad Scientist can connive a way to get us into the World Series — someday. Bob, go back into the lab and conjure up a potion.

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Joe Covert
Joe Covert

Melvin sucks! He can't manage and this "mad scientist" crap has got to stop, too. Here is a short list of reasons why he can't manage and the mistakes he constantly makes:

1)At the end of last year for letting the Rockies in the post season. I know there was a playoff game they had to win, but Melvin gave them that opportunity the day after they clinched the division by not putting his best team forward. 2)Putting Reynolds at first base at the end of a crucial game. 3)Constantly bunting with Chris Young or any of his base stealers at first and nobody out; 4)Continuing to use Chris Burke in crucial situations as a pinch hitter; 5)Pulling his power hitter, defense or best hitter out the game in a double switch. 6)Want more? Brandon Lyon has had maybe a handful of 1-2-3 innings, he will always put the game in jeopardy, but because he needs that sense of danger, that makes him your stopper and eighth inning set-up guy (where he has excelled, not just this year but in previous years when he isn't hurt). By the way, while I�ve never been a big fan of Lyon, he had only blown five saves this year; 7)Most of the damage done against Lyon has been when Melvin brought him in with a lead greater than three runs or in a tie game. 8)An inconsistent lineup and starters every game does not lead to consistentcy onthe field or on offense.9)Pulling his starting pitchers out of games they are dominating (close or otherwise) because they have reached 95-105 pitches and they let one guy on base.

That is a few of the things. He can't manage! Go watch other teams play that don't involve the Diamondbacks and you'll see how badly they are managed!