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Best Shopping in the Roosevelt District Phoenix 2008 - Bunky Boutique

Bunky Boutique

Bunky Boutique

1437 N. 1st St.

Phoenix, AZ 85004


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In some cities, no self-respecting chick would ever disclose where she found her great clothes. Names of sassy stores and boutiques are guarded like state secrets. And sometimes they are — ever notice how downtown types dress like ensemble creation is an Olympic event? Not so for Bunky Boutique — devotees of Rachel Richard's charming store gush with the fervor of the recently converted. Why? Not only does she stock some of the most adorable threads in town, she's worked long and hard to make sure they're priced well. And by well we mean dresses for $50, wraps for $30, and Havianas at the best price in the 'Nix — under $25.

Sure, vegan-friendly ultra-stylish bags by Amy Kathryn might be a bit more, but the $4 Catholic Saints bracelet helps justify the expense. From Fluxus to Brown Round to Kidrobot, Bunky Boutique stocks the merch that will keep you coming back again and again. And at these prices, you can afford to.

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