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Best 18-and-Over Night Phoenix 2009 - Twist Thursdays at Myst - CLOSED

Twist Thursdays at Myst

Twist Thursdays at Myst

7340 E. Shoeman Lane

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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Bar and club owners have a love affair with the underage crowd during these threadbare times. Though barely legal types can?t pop bottles or down a few drams of Stoli, they can clean a place out of Red Bull and other non-alcoholic drinks. No one knows this better than the cats of Platinum Nightlife, who?ve seen big turnouts at their weekly 18-and‑over shindig at Myst. DJ Breez and his partner Slippe rain down electro hits and Top 40 songs for the hundreds who cough up $15 of mommy and daddy?s money for the chance to hang out at the Scottsdale nightclub each and every Thump Day. Guest DJs like Swerve and the party monsters of Silver Medallion occasionally drop to help add to the raucous, off-the-hook atmosphere. Party on post-adolescents!

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