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Best Bike Gang Phoenix 2009 - PhoenixPhreaks

If you've never seen the PhoenixPhreaks in action before, just wait until the next First Friday rolls around. This roving gang of cycling psychos (who serve as the local chapter of the national Freakbike Militia) can typically be found cruising down Roosevelt Street or in the vicinity of Bikini Lounge or the Firehouse. They're as much a part of the monthly art walk as the paintings and free cheese and crackers. Speaking of masterpieces, the modified two-wheelers being piloted are works of art in their own right. Most are ordinary bikes that have been elongated and rebuilt to resemble Harley-Davidson choppers straight outta Easy Rider (if Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda were pedaling their way across the Southwest, that is). Others have been pimped up and polished in classic cherry lowrider style. Then there are the bizarre and beautiful customizations, like Allan Greenblazer's "Green Fuzzy Chopper," which (as the name implies) is covered in emerald-colored shag carpeting. We were feeling pretty green ourselves, albeit with envy, after seeing it roll past.

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Allan Greenblazer
Allan Greenblazer

Thank you very much!

Phoenix Phreaks have regular Phirst Phriday Phreak Bike Rides The First Friday of every month at 7:00PM Meet at The Firehouse(also a Best Of Phoenix) 1015 N. 1st Street Phoenix, AZ 85004

We love custom bikes, but ALL BIKES are welcome.

We also have other rides throughout the year, and participate in other events like Phoenix St. Patricks Parade, Phoenix Parade Of The Arts, and the upcoming Tour De Fat 10/10/2009 9AM If you are a Bicycle Phreak come and ride with the Phoenix Phreaks it is FREE.

PS The Green Fuzzy Chopper was stolen, and I believe it is sitting in someones back yard rotting away, and I would love to get it back. Contact Phoenix Phreaks through my website: