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Best Coffee House, Scottsdale Phoenix 2009 - Village Coffee Roastery

Village Coffee Roastery

Village Coffee Roastery

8120 N. Hayden

Scottsdale, AZ 85258


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The best part of waking up is kicking that can of stale-ass "coffee" to the curb and getting a cup of the good stuff. Where do we go? In Scottsdale, you'd best believe it's Village Coffee Roastery, where the coffee isn't just delicious; it's scientific. The fine roasters at VCR have "combined art with modern science to produce coffee that enhances the natural flavor of the bean." We're not sure what scientific techniques they apply to their coffee-brewing process, but we are positive that we feel a little less awkward wearing our lab coats when we stop by.

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Awesome coffee. Decaf superior. "Cheers" for coffee drinkers. Even Norm would switch to coffee.