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Best Dim Sum Phoenix 2009 - Phoenix Palace

Phoenix Palace

Phoenix Palace

2075 N. Dobson Road

Chandler, AZ 85224


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You can order off the lengthy Chinese menu anytime (there are lots of seafood dishes here), but dim sum is likely the biggest reason Phoenix Palace is packed with hungry hordes from across the Valley, especially on weekends. Folks flock to this strip mall spot, located adjacent to Lee Lee's Oriental Supermarket, for a mind-boggling variety of Cantonese small plates served up hot and fresh, from delectable classics like steamed barbecue pork buns, shu mai, spare ribs, and chicken feet to more unusual dishes, such as crisp, pan-fried chive dumplings, tripe, and unforgettable "snow mountain" buns, soft custard-filled pastries that really do resemble wintry peaks. (Get them when they're warm, and you won't be able to eat just one.) It's hard to hold back when the carts pass by your table, but don't worry — the only thing more shocking than how much dim sum you'll inhale is how little it'll cost you.

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Unfresh shrimps in Dim Sum on Mother's Day. They often won't serve "Specialty Dishes" for Dim Sum until after 12pm even though the restaurant is opened at 10am. The other servers were fine and helpful BUT THE OWNER OF THE RESTAURANT was EXTREMELY RUDE in his dealing with customers and made it an unpleasant dining experience.