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Best Exotic Nursery Phoenix 2009 - Tropica Mango

We've heard of people growing fruit in the desert — yeah, like prickly pear. But bananas? Mangos? No way. Yes way, say the folks at Tropica Mango, a perennial favorite of Sunset magazine as well as local gardeners in the know. Located in the stretch of south Phoenix once reserved for flower and fruit farms and now replaced with cookie-cutter condominiums, Tropica Manga is a tropical paradise — or at least, the promise of one. Along with the advice to make your banana dreams come true.

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This nursery is not closed. They are at 10520 E Apache Trail, between Signal Butte and Crismon in the east valley. Only the Phoenix location is closed. The website is www tropicamango com and facebook is facebook com/


This Nursery truly deserves this award. You wont find a better selection of fruting plants anywhere around and more importantly the knowledge that you need to grow them in Phoenix climate. As a note, I have discovered that the nursery has moved to Central and Broadway and opened a second location in the E. Valley. Just visit their website for the exact address.