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Best High-End Antiques Phoenix 2009 - Antique Trove

Antique Trove

Antique Trove

2020 N. Scottsdale

Scottsdale, AZ 85257


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There's a booth among the many at Antique Trove that carries nothing but big, beautiful pieces from the south of France. We go there sometimes just to ogle the Napoleon armoire and the glass-and-mahogany wet bar. Don't get us wrong; sometimes we go to Antique Trove to actually buy stuff, like the little French Deco side table with a built-in humidor that's part of our bedroom suite now, and the glass-topped dining table with hand-carved rosette chairs that we got for a steal during one of Trove's frequent sales. We love a bargain, and we're often surprised by how pricey Antique Trove's high-end stuff isn't. The folks at this colossal antiques mall also sell stuff that isn't so fancy (not long ago, we bought a set of Lennon Sisters paper dolls for a friend whose home is filled with such things), but it's a huge space full of finer old furniture pieces and it never lets us down.

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Very surprised that the Antique Trove was Voted Best High End Antiques. This Antique Mall has almost no high end antiques, lots of vintage items though, and lots of reproductions. But High End!!! Not a chance. There are actually very few stores in Arizona that one would consider having high end antiques. For visitors to Arizona, I would recommend Central Antiques, Beyond Expressions in Mesa both of these stores have a decent selection of higher end antiques. For an awesome Antique Mall with a huge selection of everything, go to Patterns of The Past in Apache Junction. These 3 stores have all of the rest beat.