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Best Local Vidcast Phoenix 2009 -

The Internet is either the best invention ever (YouTube, Etsy, or the worst (MySpace, Yoga Kitty, that page with Chewbacca singing "Silent Night"). A Phoenix-based Web site that's definitely hovering around awesome status is, an all-local affiliation of creative types and their video art. The Pete Petrisko-run URL features videos starring local artists such as Dena Johnson, Babs McDonald, and Andrew Jemsek. Programs are wide-ranging, like the snarky Doc Sterno Wise Advice and the once-popular onstage-turned-video-podcast Uncle Sku's Clubhouse. Don't dig watching videos online? No worries, because the short flicks are sometimes shown on the big screen at places like the Firehouse and Hidden House.

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Glen Woodford
Glen Woodford

The podcast is a group effort hosted by Glen Woodford of the new �haos Gallery on 6th & McKinley. Podcasts created by Pete Petrisko & Glen Woodford with help from Neal Johnson, Dena Johnson, Andrew Jemsek, Hans Hughes and many others... check out the site for details, link in the article...