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Best Neighborhood Bar, Downtown Phoenix Phoenix 2009 - Philthy Phil's - CLOSED

Philthy Phil\'s

Philthy Phil's

2939 N. 16th St.

Phoenix, AZ 85016


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Don't let the name fool you, as this watering hole on the edge of downtown Phoenix is actually pretty clean (well, as far as dive bars go). Frankly, the dirtiest thing here is the longshoreman-grade obscenities we've heard coming from regulars who are as colorful as the décor. Besides a few murals depicting an array of funky blues artists lining the walls, there are also numerous neon beer signs, an ancient Simpsons pinball machine, and even a deer head wearing a thrift store-worthy neck noose. Speaking of tying something on, we do just that at Philthy Phil's with regularity since the drinks get poured pretty strong and are dirt cheap to boot (including $1.50 Busch cans and $2 well drinks during the daily happy hour).

But no matter how inebriated we may get, we always keep one eye on the security monitor above the bar to make sure our car doesn't get jacked.

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Michael Potts
Michael Potts

Just to let everyone know. We changed the sign at Philthy Phils to Phils. Its still the same place it has always been. We have happy hour from 5pm til 8pm, just for those that get off work a little later than normal. We have Karaoke on friday and saturday night. The best thing about Phils is the wide range of people there. My wife Laurel is the manager and I,Michael, work security on the weekends. Feel free to stop in and say hi, have a drink and have some fun. We know that you will love it.