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Best Neighborhood Bar, Tempe Phoenix 2009 - Time Out Lounge

Time Out Lounge

Time Out Lounge

3129 S. Mill Ave.

Tempe, AZ 85282


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So many bars have an informal dress code — a sort of de facto aesthetic agreement rendering anyone who doesn't fit the bill uncomfortable in the establishment, even if they're not, technically, unwelcome. Not Tempe's Time Out Lounge. This is the sort of place where, when a girlfriend asks your advice on what to wear, you can say "anything" and be absolutely and irrefutably right. Some of the regulars wear Stetsons and boots, others are ASU kids in hoodies, and you're bound to see a few hipsters ending their night there any time after midnight. Yet all are welcome in the well-worn booths of this cash-only bar. Seats are comfy, drinks are cheap, patrons are friendly, and bartenders are snarky. What more could you want in a neighborhood bar?

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