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Best Neighborhood Mexican, Scottsdale Phoenix 2009 - El Molino Mexican Café

El Molino Mexican Café

El Molino Mexican Café

3554 N. Goldwater Blvd.

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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For such a tiny little spot, El Molino Mexican Café has a surprisingly large menu — and everything on it is delicious. How do they make it so good? Consider it the wisdom of five generations of family cooks who've passed down the recipes that El Molino still uses today. Its discreet location makes it seem off the radar, but it's actually a Valley institution that was founded in 1937. Fans come here for mouthwatering specialties like luscious machaca and top-notch red or green chile beef, tucked into burros, quesadillas, and more. Another plus about this place is all the stuff available to go, like masa by the pound, tamales by the dozen, and everything you need for a feast at home, from salsa and tortillas to taco fillings. It's enough to make you feel like you're part of a big Mexican family, which is why we love this place.

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Well now. Being recommended buy Newtimes we had to try it out. We got there and the place was deserted. They didnt have a few of the menue items we were interested in, the lemonade machines looked nice but they were out. Being the only customers in there the middle aged lady who took our order (who seemed to be the owner or manager) seemed verry impatient and in a rush. We ordered one drink but she gave us two and charged for two aswell.However after this goofy service we still ate carne asada items. The carne asada was pretty good compared to some but pretty pricey for what this place really is.