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Best New Coffee House Phoenix 2009 - Lola Coffee - CLOSED

Lola Coffee

Lola Coffee

4700 N. Central Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85012


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If Lola Coffee seems familiar, that's no surprise. It may remind you a bit of Lux, a coffeehouse down the street that originally was owned by Daniel Wayne, the same guy bringing you this latest offering. Lola's got big tables, comfortable chairs, lots of light and delicious, fresh-roasted coffee. The cherry on this coffee-flavored sundae? Fresh baked pastries from Danielle Librera, formerly of Sweet Pea Bakery. Her peanut butter and jelly cookies are the best, and we bet you can talk the friendly baristas into forgoing the coffee and selling you an ice-cold glass of milk.

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Daniel opens a new coffee shop less than a half mile from the one that he sold, which is pretty unethical, but the best part is that Lux tripled their business, even with the Lola opening. go by Lux and they are always busy, cool owners cool vibe, Lola is kind of cold and unfriendly, like Daniel......


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