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Best News Radio Station Phoenix 2009 - KJZZ 91.5 FM

NPR has always been the classiest act on our airwaves. And lately, with more and more radio stations cutting their news staff, it's now also, hands down, the most informative. The morning drive-time show doesn't give us just local headlines at the top of the hour; there's also a good chance we'll get a locally produced feature or two. Later in the day, we have great appreciation for Steve Goldstein's long-form interviews with local politicos. Nobody else devotes so much time and seriousness to its local coverage. For that, we salute KJZZ.

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Hi you played a song around 12-12:30 and it was a female artist. I cant recall her name , but do recall the story that she was a singer by accident.. The name of the song was something like Dont wanna loose your love??? Do you recall the artist name?Thankyou it would be great to know. Keep up the great things..eagrly awaitting Aly