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Best Old-School Bulletin Board Phoenix 2009 - Fifth Street Community Board

In the current hyper-digital age of instantaneous tweets and Facebook status updates blasting out the latest news and gossip 24/7, it seems downright Luddite to use something as lo-fi as a bulletin board to get the lowdown on downtown Phoenix culture. Such is the case with the bulletin board on Fifth Street in front of the Tumbleweed Center's Drop-In Gallery, as we regularly check out its colorful cornucopia of Xeroxed fliers, silk-screened posters, handbills, and other DIY ephemera for the latest events and announcements. Erected last fall by the community-minded cats at the gallery (which features works by homeless artists), the cylindrical-shaped board has clued us in on upcoming indie and punk gigs, future gallery exhibitions, local bicycle co-ops, and a nearby organic garden. (There's often also info on chemtrails, UFOs, and other tinfoil-hat topics.) A few hand-written missives are also occasionally pinned up, including one hastily written note asking God, "Why hast thow [sic] forsaken me?" Dunno, but thanks for asking.

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Shane Fowler
Shane Fowler

Ending Homelessness One Step at a Time

The Lodestar Day Resource Center (LDRC) is non-profit, community benefit organization designed to serve as a gateway to self-sufficiency and success for homeless individuals. We rely on the generosity and support of the community to offer innovative and exceptional programs that change lives every day. Our Mission: A safe, engaging, holistic community that empowers people to end their homelessness and create positive, long-term life changes.

Thank you for your time,

Shane Fowler



Hi, 2011 MLB ALL STAR week is just around the corner but what special activities and parties are planned. I know there is a Championship boxing show at the Celebrity Theatre but what else is going on?


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